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Don’t get hassled shopping online for life insurance!

Life Insurance Companies & Agencies Want Your Contact Information.

Most life insurance companies & agencies have a quote box on their website which requires you to enter your contact information before you can see a life insurance quote.


  • The end result could mean a lot of annoying phone calls and emails.

This does not mean that every agent and broker calling you back is going to hassle you.  The fact is most insurance agents and brokers are very knowledgeable and can help you achieve your goal of buying life insurance.

  • Some agents and brokers are aggressive and pushy.  They want you to get it done right now.

A hassle free quote box?

Quote boxes are the only outlet you have to get instant life insurance quotes.   Need a quote???

  • Put your name, address and phone number in the quote box.  In just a few minutes, you will learn exactly what your life insurance options are without the pressure.  

**Don’t worry, we are laid back.  We will only try to contact you a few times before we give up.  Most life insurance agencies will call you 3x per day for the next 3 months!  That’s not our style!**


Most Life Insurance Quoting Websites are EXCELLENT!

Read these….

BUT…Most Life Insurance Quoting Websites are also the SAME!

If you are….

  • Healthy
  • Unhealthy-With in reason
  • Non-Smoker or Smokers-cigarettes, pipes, cigar, chew
  • Participate in hazardous activities or occupations

Every Life Insurance Quoting Website has or represents…

  • Excellent Life Insurance Companies
  • Excellent Educational and Resource Information
  • Excellent Life Insurance Quote Boxes
  • Knowledgeable agents and brokers-Hopefully not the aggressive or pushy ones!

*The difference is in the approach & service*

Why You Should Be Buying Your Life Insurance On This Website

  • Save money - Get the lowest cost possible for your life insurance from the best top rated companies in the market.
  • No pressure sales tactics - You can decide when and if you would like to buy life insurance or not with out getting hassled!
  • Save time-Instant online life insurance quotes from ALL the top rated life insurance companies.
  • Superior Service- The attention to detail your application deserves when it comes to shopping life insurance companies for the best possible price.  This is especially true if you have health conditions or if you have certain hobbies or habits.
  • Very fast and convenient online application process – the quickest approval possible
  • Licensed since 1992 -  State license number provided upon request.

If you are interested, please leave your contact information on the Quote Box or call 888-681-4952.