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Scam Alert! Life Insurance Quotes No Contact Info.

For this review I searched the keywords “life insurance quotes no contact info.” on Google.   Below are some of the results on the first page.   Notice that each of theses companies REQUIRE YOUR CONTACT INFO. before you are allowed to see the quote.  Even worse, some of them have a disclaimer saying YOUR PHONE NUMBER WILL BE ADDED TO AN AUTODIALER.













New York Life…


 You Don’t Get What You Want…

Unfortunately, you don’t get instant life insurance quotes where your contact info. is optional.  Instead…..

  • Your phone blows up from all the agents calling your back.
  • Your email inbox fills up with loads of  follow up emails from agents.


The fact is if you put your contact info. in all the boxes above you will see  the exact same companies at the exact same price.  If all the agents sell the same companies at the same price, then their only option is to get your contact info. and be the first to call you back.  They try to tell you  ” they have something different”  but the fact is they really do not.

How To Avoid This Happening To You….

  • This website provides instant life insurance quotes for the Top 4 Health Classes from ALL of the most competitive companies.


Why you might want a call back?

Your actual life insurance cost depends on 3 Variables.

  1. The amount of coverage. (For example- $250,000)
  2. When does the policy expire. (For example- In 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years or at age 95, 100, or 121)
  3. What health class the life insurance company approves you at after you fill out the application, take a medical exam, and they receive  your medical records from your doctor.

However there are lot’s of details associated with each initial quote you look at.   The most important detail –

 **The Health Class**

Each company has different underwriting criteria for their health classes.   Therefore, it is necessary to match up your health, habits, hobbies, and family history to the life insurance company’s underwriting criteria and make sure the initial quotes are as accurate as possible.

For example, if ….

  • you take blood or cholesterol medication


  • you smoke cigars


  • you scuba dive, race cars, fly airplanes, have a hazardous job


  • your mom or dad died of cancer or heart disease before age 60

Details like the examples above (and these are only just a few) need to matched up to the life insurance underwriting guidelines to make sure you fit their criteria.

**Your exact cost will be determined when you apply and are approved by the life insurance company.**

My Promise…

  • NO PRESSURE- I will clearly explain how the health class effects your price so you can make an educated decision.
  • Your contact information will not be shared with or sold to anyone.  I am the only agent who will call you back.
  • I have been licensed since 1992 and have considerable knowledge and expertise to offer you.
  • I will work hard to earn your trust and your business!

***The difference is in the approach & the service.***

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