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Buyer Beware When You Shop For Life Insurance Quotes Online!

Buyer Beware!  Your information still gets collected and sold by websites even though you think your getting online life insurance quotes with no contact information required!

There are over 100 websites online which you can review life insurance quotes.  Most will either give you quotes right there on the website or they tell you to expect to be contacted by an agent.  Either way your name, phone number and email address in not optional and will be required to see the quotes.

Once you give your contact information….Annoyed Man

  • Your contact information may be sold to multiple insurance agents for as much as $25.  If 5 agents buy your contact information, the website made $125.  If 5 agents call you at least 3 x, that’s 15 follow up sales calls.
  • It is likely your phone number will be instantly uploaded to an automated dialer.  In a few seconds your phone rings.  If you answer, you have to deal with the salesperson.  If you don’t answer, THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK OVER AND OVER AGAIN using the auto dialer.
  • You may instantly receive an email suggesting you sign up right away.
  • Your email will be added to several follow up lists causing your inbox to fill up.  If those 5 agents each send you 1 email per week for the next 6 months that’s 150 emails!

Remember, the above example is assuming you only visit one website.  If you add your contact information to multiple websites you will be bombarded!

Don’t Get Hassled

  • This website provides instant life insurance quotes for the Top 4 Health Classes from ALL of the most competitive companies.  Your contact information will not be shared with or sold to any other agent.


 Why you might want a call back.

  • There are lot’s of variables associated with each quote you look at.   Each quote you see is for a particular health class.  Each company has different underwriting criteria for each health class.  For example, company A will not give you their best class if you take blood pressure medication while company B will.   You need to know what the company underwriting criteria is for each quote you see.
  • NO PRESSURE- I will clearly explain how the health class effects your price so you can make an educated decision.
  • Your contact information will not be shared with or sold to any other agent.  I am the only agent who will call you back.  I have been licensed since 1992 and have considerable expertise to offer you.

Give it a try.  You might appreciate the approach and service!

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