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Matrix Direct Review – Are they any better?


Matrix Direct is owned and operated  by AIG Direct.  AIG Direct is a subsidiary of American General Life Insurance Company.  Matrix Direct is a well established life insurance agency which sells life insurance, accidental death and disability insurance.  This Matrix Direct insurance review will cover…

  • Is Matrix Direct Unique?-Advantages
  • Price Difference?
  • Possible Disadvantages-Complaints

Is Matrix Direct a unique company?

Matrix Direct overall is an excellent life insurance quoting service but not unique in anyway  That being said……

  • Matrix Direct represents multiple life insurance companies.
  • Matrix Direct agents are knowledgeable.
  • They have an efficient application and underwriting process.

No difference in price at Matrix Direct?

Matrix Direct  DOES NOT offer a lower price on term life quotes than any other online life insurance quoting services!  Life insurance premiums are fixed as long as the same 3 Quote Variables are used when running quotes.




Want an alternative to Matrix Direct?

Possible Matrix Direct Disadvantages

  • Matrix Direct will call and email you a lot if you leave your contact info. in their quote box.  They put this disclaimer under their quote box

*** “By submitting this request, I consent to receive phone calls from AIG Direct, regarding AIG Direct’s products and services, at the phone number(s) above, including my wireless number if provided. I understand these calls may be generated using an automated technology”  ***

  • Another disadvantage might occur when the application comes back approved with a worse health class than expected. This requires shopping the original medical exam and any collected health records to multiple life insurance companies to get the best possible offer.  This task requires a lot of extra administrative processing time.  The temptation to offer the first offer as the best offer without shopping around is much greater when you have a tremendous amount of people quoting and submitting application requests.  Some times too much volume does not make for the best service and efficiency.
  • Matrix Direct does not represent as many companies as some of it’s competition.

Frequently asked questions about Matrix Direct

  1. Is Matrix Direct legitimate?   Yes!  Matrix Direct is NOT a scam.  They are reputable and has been in business since 1995.  They have helped thousands of people buy their  life insurance online.
  2. Is Matrix Direct reliable enough to provide the best service?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no!   You will see great reviews on the Matrix Direct website about their own customer service.  The flip side is the service is not so good when you read the complaints about Matrix Direct from the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Does Matrix Direct represent the most reputable life insurance companies?  The answer is yes BUT so does every other online life insurance agencies.
  4. How does Matrix Direct make money?  Matrix Direct makes a commission on every insurance policy they sell.  This commission is paid by the life insurance company and not the buyer.
  5. Does Matrix Direct sell different kinds of insurance besides life insurance?  Yes they do.  According to their website,  Matrix Direct sells accidental death and disability insurance.

Matrix Direct insurance review summary:

Matrix Direct does not provide unique term life insurance quotes compared to it’s competition.  Although they are one of the largest online presence for quoting life insurance, they do have some disadvantages because of they only represent a few life insurance companies.  They are also VERY  PERSISTANT in their follow up telephone calls and emails once you give them your contact information.


Why You Should Buy Your Life Insurance On This Website

  • Save money – Get the lowest cost possible for your life insurance from the best top rated companies in the market.
  • No pressure sales tactics – You can decide when and if you would like to buy life insurance or not with out getting hassled!  Your contact information will not be shared with or sold to any other agent.
  • Save time-Instant online life insurance quotes from ALL the top rated life insurance companies.
  • Superior Service– The attention to detail your application deserves when it comes to shopping life insurance companies for the best possible price.  This is especially true if you have health conditions or if you have certain hobbies or habits.
  • Very fast and convenient online application process – the quickest approval possible
  • Licensed since 1992 –  State license number provided upon request.

Still Have Questions?  Call 888-681-4952.

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