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Preferred Best Non-Smoker Rates For Medical Marijuana In CA

Recently a prospect came to my website and ran life insurance quotes.  When I called him to follow up he answered the phone and said  “Hang on for a minute.  I’m in my office.  I need to shut my door so we can speak privately.”  Upon his return he told me the reason why he visited my website.


He had just been approved by Transamerica for a $500,000 20 year term life insurance policy but there was a problem.  He was approved Standard Smoker Health Class and the rates were more than double the nonsmoker rates he was quoted by another agent.  He explained to me he does not smoke cigarettes or use tobacco in an form and never had in his life.  He did however have a medical marijuana card.  (He lived in California)  He explained to me how he used marijuana to alleviate most of the painful physical symptoms that resulted from an auto accident he had many years before. Other than being upset about the huge price he thought he was going to have to pay for his life insurance, he was in perfect health.

After shopping his case around to multiple life insurance carriers, I submitted his application to Prudential and got him approved Preferred Best Non Smoker Health Class!  In the end, I saved him thousands of dollars and gained another satisfied client.  Thanks Prudential!











































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