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Don’t Buy Your Life Insurance From SelectQuote!

SelectQuote Insurance – Aggressive Approach – Lousy Service





Review of SelectQuote – Pros & Cons – Why you should buy your life insurance somewhere else!!!

My name is Christopher Lalor.  As an independent insurance agent, I must admit I don’t like SelectQuote very much.  They are the Goliath of the life insurance industry.  It’s true.  SelectQuote does sell more life in one month than the independent agent sells in an entire year. This does not make them better than the independent agent, it just means they are bigger and have more name recognition.

Everyday I compete against SelectQuote for the privilege to earn your business and be your life insurance agent.  Despite the fact their reputation and marketing budget is much bigger than mine, I have had good success competing against them.  How have I done this?

My secret weapons to earn your business

  1. I have MORE life insurance companies to quote vs. SelectQuote.  This helps me give you more options.
  2. I have a more in depth knowledge (20+ years) of the company underwriting guidelines than any SelectQuote representative. (For example -Did you know that Banner Life, unlike most life insurance companies, will still give you their best health class if you have a family history of cancer?)
  3. My approach is not aggressive.  My focus is on your budget, goals and finding the best life insurance product that meets your needs.
  4. My service is excellent!  I will take the time to explain the details of all the options that are available to you and help you select the best one that meets your goals and objectives.


But how do I convince you to give me a chance to earn your life insurance business instead of using SelectQuote?  To start, here are some facts about SelectQuote

Aggressive Approach

  • SelectQuote saturates the advertising market with multiple TV, radio, & print adds per day.  They pay Google, Bing, Yahoo & others lot’s of $$$ to rank #1.  This means there is pressure to sell lots of life insurance to pay these expenses!
  • The SelectQuote sales representatives work in a call center and have a quota to close 5 life insurance applications per day in order to keep their job.  That’s 1200 in a year!  How can the representatives keep up with that pace and provide excellent service?  They can’t.  This creates lots of employee turnover.  You might not speak with the same person twice!
  • The SelectQuote sales representative’s approach is the “one call close”.  The goal is to get you to commit to completing an application and medical exam the first time they speak to you. There is a rush to get it done now!
  • Even though you want life insurance, the SelectQuote representative is required to “cross sell” and ask about your auto, homeowners or a possible medicare supplemental policy at least 3x during the initial conversation.

Lousy Service 

  • No 2nd option or back up plan!  What happens if your application is approved with a different health class  than you applied for?  This requires shopping the original life insurance company’s medical exam & any collected medical records to multiple life insurance companies to get the best possible price.  This task requires a lot of extra administrative processing time.  With a 5/day new application quota, the SelectQuote representative doesn’t have the time to shop around.  This means the 1st company’s offer is going to be your only offer with SelectQuote.
  • Even though the representative you speak to is licensed, they will NOT be the one who signs your application as the “agent of record”.  The call center manager or the owner of SelectQuote, Charan Singh, is the agent appointed with multiple life insurance companies & may sign the application as your agent even though you never spoke with them. What if there is a problem or you need service after the after you already bought?  Who do you call when there is a death claim or you need to change your beneficiary?  Not your representative.  He has moved on to the next potential sale or no longer works there.  Don’t count on a call back from Charan Singh either.

SelectQuote Does Not Save You More $$$ Than The Independent Agent

  • SelectQuote  can not offer lower premiums than this website.  Your exact life insurance price will depend on 3 Variables.
  1. The amount of the policy
  2. When does the policy expire
  3. What health class you are approved at

The price of life insurance is fixed by insurance companies based on these 3 variables.  This means a 20 year term life insurance policy with Prudential is the same price at SelectQuote as on this and all insurance websites.

Why You Should Buy Your Life Insurance On This Website

  • Save $$$ – Get the lowest cost possible for your life insurance.
  • Save time – Instant online life insurance quotes from ALL the top rated life insurance companies.
  • No pressure sales tactics – It’s better to take your time and get it done the right way!
  • Superior Service– The attention to detail your application deserves.  This is especially true if you are approved at a different health class than you applied for, have health conditions, or have certain hobbies or habits.
  • Very fast and convenient online application process – The quickest approval possible
  • Licensed since 1992 –  State license number provided upon request.  I will be the agent who actually signs your application.
  • I want to be your life insurance agent!


***Frequently asked questions about SelectQuote***

  1. Is SelectQuote legitimate?  The answer is yes!  SelectQuote is a very reputable and has been in business since 1985 and has helped thousands of people buy life insurance.
  2. Is SelectQuote reliable enough to provide the best service?  Sometimes.  You will see great comments about their service on SelectQuote’s website.  The flip side is the service is not so good when you read the complaints about SelectQuote from the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Does SelectQuote represent the most reputable life insurance companies?  The answer is yes BUT they are not unique.  You will find the same exact companies and MORE on the website.
  4. How does SelectQuote make money?  The honest answer is SelectQuote, like all life insurance agents, makes a commission on every insurance policy they sell.  This commission is paid by the life insurance company and not the buyer.
  5. Does SelectQuote sell different kinds of insurance besides life insurance?  Yes they do.  Recently SelectQuote has started selling auto insurance, home owner’s insurance as well as medicare supplement insurance.

 Want to learn more?  Check out these links!

Still have questions?  Call (888) 681-4952.


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